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G2 PeaksTrip 2 – 1 Peak (4/50)

Georgia – Brasstown Bald The girls hit the road again on December 14, 2020 to hike Brasstown Bald about 2 hours outside of Atlanta. We all flew in early in the morning, met at the airport and hit the road in our van towards the trailhead. It had a pretty steady incline (my favorite), which was nice on a chilly day! We were all bundled up, which was even more essential once we got to the top to have lunch – it was freezing! There was a well-maintained building at the top, which unfortunately wasn’t open (thanks COVID), but made for a nice shelter for lunch. The views were great and the joke of the day was about Andera’s selfie cord she purchased from 5 Below – she got what she paid for 😉. We had a nice lunch, took some great photos and cranked down the mountain to head back to Atlanta to shower and have a fun tapas dinner and lots of wine at Barcelona – still one of our favorite restaurants!

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